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My Phone: Part 1

Now that school is out (SUMMER!), I’ve had several friends ask me about what apps I use on my phone, and the bluntest answer I can give would be “not that many”. But I mean, who would want an answer like that?
So, because of that exact reason, I decided that I’ll be making a video soon to accompany this series of posts (or single post, we’ll see as I’m writing it). Continue reading “My Phone: Part 1”

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Last (full) Day of School

Hello! Well, to start this blog off, I figure I’d share what’s going on in my life, which at the moment has been entailing of quite a few things that are both good and bad.

I don’t know how you like to take your news, but I tend to prefer for people to share with me the bad before they present before me the new, which I think is a fair enough statement. Now, let’s proceed.

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