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My Phone: Part 1

Now that school is out (SUMMER!), I’ve had several friends ask me about what apps I use on my phone, and the bluntest answer I can give would be “not that many”. But I mean, who would want an answer like that?
So, because of that exact reason, I decided that I’ll be making a video soon to accompany this series of posts (or single post, we’ll see as I’m writing it).


My phone is an iPhone 5s in Gold with 32 GB, and I absolutely love it! Trust me, I’m well aware that iPhones have been technologically retroversed by a good 2-3 years, but a majority of my family and friends own them, so it’s much faster for me to reach them if I have the same device as them. Before anyone complains about not owning a Galaxy or HTC or any other smartphone with an Android platform, I will stand to say this.

Well, I had an LG that was rather a letdown as it was buggy from the day I got it, but it managed to pull through a year of use before I replaced it with my current phone.


The case that I use on my phone is a blue Commuter case by Otterbox, and if you aren’t familiar with this brand, than I can tell you one thing about them: BUY ON AMAZON!
The reason I say this is because I find that Otterbox has a terrible habit of overpricing their products. As a matter of fact, I was in a tech shop a few months back searching for a case for my brother, and some of the cases we found were over $80.
Otterbox has 4 styles of iPhone case, their order from lightest to strongest being:

Cute and lots of colors to choose from, but they only have drop and scratch protection. They aren’t all too popular since they are overpriced compared to other less protective cases.
     Best for people that are gentle with their phones or don’t travel much with their device. If you use your phone at home mostly then I’d recommend a lighter case like this one. Plain plastic cases should work just fine in this situation.

This is the case that I have, and so far, I have not been disappointed at all! It’s got a very slim design, so it fits into my wallet and my pocket without a problem. The case is lovely because it snaps onto the back of your device snugly, but it’s easy to take off if you want to clean it (I clean my phone case a lot since it goes with me everywhere. Who knows what germs go about). It comes in two parts, one being a rubber sleeve (see grey part of photo) that grips over the surface of the phone, and the other being the plastic that clips on for more color (see green part of photo). I think that my only complaints about the phone are that the lock and volume buttons are noticeably tougher to press down on, and the plastic above the slots covering the headphone and charger ports beneath the phone has cracked, not really causing much of a problem besides dust occasionally getting caught underneath.
This case is probably the perfect one for a student, because it protects the screen without blocking or covering it at all and it is slim enough to not add much weight to the phone itself. They are really quite cute cases, and they won’t slip out of your hand as they move from purse to car to backpack throughout the day.

     This case is supposedly indestructible. I have a friend who’s an active hunter with a camo case on her phone, and this thing has fallen from trees and gotten trampled yet it is clean of scratches. Unlike the Commuter, it wraps around the front of the phone, so it seals the phone in more and can be clipped onto a holster for rugged activities.It’s got a kickstand on the back so that you can watch Netflix anywhere! (even though the only place I’d watch Netflix is my room). The case has drop, dust, screen, and scratch protection and it’s got three layers that lock together to keep the phone safe. If you’re not really feeling any of the colors, then you can get a custom on Otterbox’s website for $60.
This case is great if you’re an outdoors person or if you simply don’t like keeping your phone in a bag. The case does add some noticeable bulk to the phone, but Otterbox is pretty good about keeping their designs sleek and versatile. If you’re looking for something on the waterproof side, look to Lifeproof for a case. I’ve heard great stuff about their devices.

Once again, I don’t know a whole lot about this case because anyone I know with a battery pack case got theirs from Anker or Mophie. However, one is a smaller brand and the other one is overpriced, but I am pretty surprised at the Resurgence’s cost on Amazon. I see cases for $50 which is pretty great deal, plus the color range is broader than what I’ve seen for the most part. This case has ballistic (military-grade) protection, a built-in battery that doubles your charge, conserves power by turning off when you’re at 100%, and has some sweet LEDs on the back to let you know its charge. I’m really considering this to be my next phone case, especially the mint green and silver one!
If you’re on your phone often, taking pictures or using apps that eat up battery, then get a battery case. I have a Targus battery pack for my phone, but it can be extra weight and I still need my charger cable, so there’s definite pros and cons to that. Travelers or business-people will benefit from the convenience of a battery case, plus this thing seems to be near bulletproof, making it easy to just toss on top of your carry-on items when rushing through security.


So, that’s a little information on my device, and I went into a SERIOUS analysis on Otterbox cases, but besides the point! I know some people that are switching over to iPhone over this summer, so I thought this might help you out on deciding what kind of case you’re going to look for. In any case (did you catch that swell pun?), my email is if you happen to have any further questions or inquiries. I love hearing suggestions from you all!


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