A Day of Disappointment

There are few things in the world that make me as excited as I am when the postman arrives.

I was sitting in my living room with my brother and grandmother, wearing a bushy blanket atop a gigantic hoodie and leggings that were so battered I could sell them at Urban Outfitters with the label “heirloom” when the doorbell rang. As expected, a gargantuan box encasing my mirror rested along the outside wall with a disproportionately smaller one which held my dad’s new phone case. I was definitely nervous about hauling the larger of the two into the house, but I managed nonetheless.

Now, this post is going to be a bit of a rant on two different things, but both fall into the glass of consumerism. Lines at AT&T and mirror manufacturers.

Let me talk about the first since I’ve had a bit more experience with: AT&T lines. I’ve been a customer of theirs for several years now, having had them just around the time that my LG Optimus was nearing it’s last days alive and my hands were itching for an iPhone 5s. The 6 was just about to come out, but the cost scared me a bit and realizing that I would be the one paying for it, I backed away from it fast. I was anxious, and it being somewhere after Christmas when I decided to go and get the device, I was astounded. I don’t live in a giant city or even a giant suburb (40,000+ population) for that matter, but there aren’t usually too many people in the store at once. That was the case when I walked into AT&T. My dad and I were cautious to get there later in the evening, but as it turns out, that decision didn’t really impact anything. There were about three people in the store hovering about with questions on their lips, and five staff to handle them all. Seems appropriate, doesn’t it? We sat in there for about 45 minutes, as we watched their monitor near the door entrance stand at a stalemate for a majority of our time. Others grew agitated as well, as there were three employees just wandering about the floor disregarding the customers and two at the cashier who were simply… waiting. It was as if there weren’t any people to serve in there, although it was something surreal as they continued to trek on about in their endless circles, adjusting things as people began to grumble. Finally, when the employees realized there were people to be served, we waited another grand hour until receiving a sim card that actually FIT my phone and for someone who knew how to install it. Come on, people. Surely enough, the same wonderful thing happened again when my dad went to activate his new phone, and since the brilliant fellow at the AT&T store mind you didn’t know that Samsungs and iPhones have different sim cards, that created a whole new delay that was completely unprecedented. Why do companies bother hiring people if they don’t take the time to educate them in the products? I could always switch to Verizon if they didn’t charge me the equivalent of a college loan for a plan.

Also, onto the second half of my rant. Common sense. Where is it? How could it have been that I ordered the same mirror twice and it was broken during each delivery? It wasn’t some inexpensive mirror, either, as I was looking to purchase a tall stand-up for my room off of Wayfair, although I was disheartened to see such careless shipping. First of all, if you’re shipping a mirror, there’s some pretty obvious precautions you want to make.

How do I make this so that the glass doesn’t shatter?

Will the frame get scratched?

Or something along those lines. But no. The company sending me my mirror didn’t really bother with addressing any of these things either time. The “fragile” handling label was completely missing, and a piece of thin, crumbly styrofoam was supposed to suffice for protecting the glass. Oh wait, they didn’t put it on the glass side of the mirror, they put it on the back. Yes, that’s right, the mirror was shipped with absolutely nothing covering the front of it besides for the cardboard exoskeleton. I wonder what engineering genius came up with that mistake. Well, either way, if anyone has a hobby in making stained-glass windows or simply likes carving wood, let me know. I’ve got two broken mirrors sitting in my garage with utterly nowhere to take them.


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