Nashville: Picture Addict Edition

So of course, the exhaustion of AP testing week has already led my brain into vacation-mode (all too dangerously, I must admit), but needless to say I came up with an idea of how to creatively share my adventures from Nashville (well, that is before I share my day-by-day trip itinerary). Why not bring you all along by taking you through my phone pictures from the trip! On to Nashville it is, then!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reminder: If it’s too fast, feel free to pause in between slides. Don’t want you to miss anything!

Either way, even though Jordan and I didn’t make it to the finalist round in SBEF, we still had an unforgettable experience and got our gold re-certification which we can’t wait to add to our plaque. Nashville has been on my list of cities I’ve wanted to visit for a while, and be sure to look out for my day-by-day posts (hopefully soon) for more fun stories such as the Mayfield Flea Market. That was an adventure in itself!

Lots of love, darlings!

-TGI ❤

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