7 Rompers For Summer

I was browsing Shop Priceless the other day and came across these adorable rompers for any style for the summer! I’m not endorsed by them in any way, but I found them while crawling Pinterest and just thought they had the cutest things for really great prices! Plus, if you spend over $50 on US orders, you don’t pay shipping (that the policy at the time that I’m writing this), so I might give a few of these a shot!

P.S. To get the link to the product, click on its image or title!

Shop Priceless Geneva Romper


This gorgeous, blue romper is exactly what I’d look for in a hip Bohemian style for the summer! I have big shoulders, and the open cut on this romper combines being able to define my neck with something stylish. The print is loud but classy and can be played up with almost any hairstyle. Definitely on my wishlist (heart eyes emoji)

Shop Priceless Sienna Aztec Romper in Coral


I think the most amazing thing about this exotic, out-there romper is that it’s as comfortable as it is fearless! Strapless gets a bad rap a lot of the time, but this romper has a fun way of mixing a day out with friends with a sunbathing suit (to fix those tan lines from one minute too long in the sun).

Priceless Tropical Paradise Romper


I love how this romper just channels those preppy, Southern vibes! This romper is an absolute beauty for June because it’s the perfect transition from the spring to the summer! I would wear this romper to the beach or to a local dinner restaurant with some pastel jewelry in a heartbeat!

Shop Priceless Make Me Romper


For a feminine look that can be doubled for an evening out, I’d recommend this romper. I feel like this piece really stands out, especially if everyone else is wearing a spring dress! This color is just so beautiful, and I feel like it would be styled great with almost any hairdo, whether a large braid, messy bun, or long and tousled waves.

Here are some Kendra Scott products that I thought would pair very well with this romper!




Shop Priceless Pattie Romper in Yellow


When I was growing up, I was always surprised when my grandma would tell me that yellow was her favorite color. I think this romper explains why! This banana color radiates Beauty”ful” (and the Beast) vibes and makes for an adorable outfit in almost any circumstance. Did I mention how well this color will compliment a fresh tan? I just love it!

Shop Priceless Run Wild Romper


If you’re more for loud prints in the summer, I would gladly recommend this romper. This is one of my personal faves, although I might be a little biased because I have a similar strap top. The v-neck opens up the face and chest but keeps it funky. Paired with gold or silver sunglasses and light chestnut sandals (gladiators!!) and you have an awesome day-out style planned.

Shop Priceless Britta Romper in White


Early summer can always be tough to dress to. The weather is warm, but not too warm, and you’re going to want something that layers up well. Most important though is building up your tan, though! White always brings out even a little bit of tan, so I thought this romper would be wonderful for any hair color. Just imagine it with black sandals!

I hope that you all loved these rompers I’ve picked out for you all! I haven’t shopped with Shop Priceless yet, but I look forward to doing so in the very near future because these rompers are show-stoppers!

I wanted to apologize for my inactivity since I’ve been burdened with a loss in the family on top of lots of pre-college processes and getting my business officially off the ground. I have prepared lots of goodies as well as content for my YouTube channel ThereGoesInfinity! Prepare to laugh a lot!

Love ya, Lovelies!

-TGI ❤


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