The College Journey: Intro

Applying to college really is a journey.

You fight your demons, lasso your hardships, stand in the penetrating sunlight of your victories and stoop to your knees in your lowest trenches, but yet you fight no one. You only conquer.

(And yes, I am most certainly the woman in that tacky Shutterstock photo above)

That is the college admission process. No matter what, you can’t exactly lose per se. You’re almost always going to find a school that you love and fit into and even if you don’t, you’ll find yourself working in an environment that absorbs you into its culture. Nonetheless, the college system in the US can be pretty scary, but I’m here to share my experience and hopefully help out people who are like me: nervous, anticipating, and absolutely exhilarated for what lies ahead. Hmm… it almost sounds like I’m describing skydiving when I word it that way.

Either way, I didn’t intend for this post to be too long, but as I post, look out for the TCJ abbreviation: those are going to be my posts in The College Journey series. I have a few posts already resting in my Drafts about the college counselors I’ve been seeing and what advice/perspectives they’ve shown. You would not believe how wildly opposite they can be in their thought process when it comes to creating a college list!!!

In the meantime, if you read Polish, I highly recommend you check out ! And no, I’m not biased because I’m friends with Ania 😉 She writes incredible and long blog posts about everything from standardized testing to the school we got to share our Junior year of high school in together. If you’re reading this, tesknie za toba!

See you very soon in my next post, Infinities!



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