WHOA! I am back?

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So a few years ago, I opened up a Wattpad account after a motivational speaker came to my middle school. The guy had written a fantastic memoir about his military life but had composed his life in such an interesting manner that it captured my attention instantly. I’m admittedly not a big fan of more modern military history (although I love learning about medieval warfare for some reason), but this author’s composition was so outstanding that I could hardly set the novel down. Of course, the man won the Illinois Author of the Year award some time ago (wow, middle school was actually quite a while ago…) and out of curiosity and inspiration, I went to speak to him after his presentation. I explained to him my fantasies of becoming an author in the way a kindergartener tells a fireman or a policeman how much he envies his work. Needless to say, the man’s even temperament only made him more approachable and he introduced me to Wattpad, saying that he would write his stories and leave them up on the website for some time and it was a form of editing that didn’t cost him a dime. Guess who made an account that night.

Since then, I’ll be honest. I abandoned my Wattpad in month-long draws and weaved in and out like a rain shower on the website but while I can’t be confined this next stay will be permanent, I certainly have been imagining many more stories than usual lately. Therefore, I wanted to announce that I have redesigned my Wattpad to share stories with my followers. This is something I didn’t have the confidence to do earlier on since I certainly wrote fan-fiction and while it isn’t the cringe-worthy type, the stories featured new characters simply placed in the same worlds as those of places such as Doctor Who and Assassin’s Creed. I faced a long drawn internal battle that couldn’t seem to decide whether I wanted to delete or privatize those stories, but then I realized I would be ruining the integrity of my Wattpad profile by doing so. Those stories, no matter how tacky, are a part of my past and what I enjoyed to write about which brings me to another topic.

Should we frown upon cringe-worthy works? Well, yes and no. What determines cringe-worthy is up to the reader, and I’ll be admittedly libertarian in this sense. An author chooses what to write about but must be honest in his/her description. I have heard some outrageous stories of poor authors with little prose or talent with words ask upon more advanced writers to write fake “excerpts” and descriptions to fool readers into clicking on their piece. I feel that I personally would be more inclined to read even a grammatical train wreck as long as the story was interesting than be tripped into reading something with the same intellectual viscosity of molasses.

Either way, I’m done with my rant and I promised myself I wouldn’t go about writing another 1000+ word post again, but I encourage you all to take a look at my page! Again, it’s ThereGoesInfinity (just like my YouTube and blog), and I made some beautiful new covers for my stories Four, Assassin’s Creed Alliance, Saving Grace, and Salvage. I also have two stories on the way and one that is put on private for review and touch-ups!

See you in my next post, Lovelies!

-TGI (AKA Julia)


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