Great Books in My Wattpad Library

Good morning, Lovelies! Today, I’ve been dying to share some great reads that I have loved on Wattpad since making an account two years ago. (I have another book post coming up with Sara Patrizia at Sara’s Chapters in the next few weeks though so get ready for that!) I am always astounded by the kind of talent and humor you can find on the website and I just adore walking into Barnes and Noble to see that some of the authors discovered on Wattpad have published their books for the world to read. Goals man, goals.

Anyways, I’m delighted to share today’s post with you all! I have always loved my books and it’s refreshing to find expertly written stories with the convenience of my iPad screen.

Uglies by Scott Westerfield

When planning this post, I wanted to number the books in order of how much I enjoyed them but I realized that doing so would be unrealistic and mentally exhausting since I really enjoyed all of them, but I think this is the book that inspired me to write this post.

Uglies is a unique sci-fi dystopian novel crafted not to instill fear or cynicism, but to appreciate the human art as a whole. The book capitalizes on the idea that we are all different, and while the dystopian realm is traditionally a world where there the final goal is perfection, the story centers on the idea that our imperfections are what make us human.

Aside from the fact that the characters are realistic and intriguing, it’s worth mentioning what a trail-blazer this novel is. There is truly such an expansive universe to explore and ponder about in this book and since I finished reading it twice now, I think it’s time to sit back and pray that some brilliant director decides to turn this book into a movie someday.

Favorite thing: Unique setting and brilliant concepts

Children of the Plague by GregCarrico

A compelling and not-your-average zombie story, Children of the Plague takes a unique look at the post-apocalyptic genre and creates a chilling story filled with genuine characters who sound and act like you and me. There’s just something so captivating about stories that can keep me fascinated like that, and I have to give Greg Carrico a strong applaud for this one. There was just something so drawing about the novel and while I’m not quite sure what it is exactly yet, I am keeping the book in my library for a reread so I can figure out what that one, beautiful thing was that caught my attention.

Favorite thing: Realistic, immersive character cast

Paladin by Sally Slater

Paladin now has a sequel as far as I’ve heard from friends and you’d better believe I’m going to be reading it!

I would best describe this book as a classy combination of empowering Disney characters thrown into the dark world of Game of Thrones. While many stories have factions and kingdoms in distress, there is just something about Paladin that makes the main character’s perspective less forced. I feel that so many stories try to make this female character who just wants to object EVERYTHING but Paladin does it differently. You genuinely feel and connect with the main character’s motives and besides that, the story is lined with bouncing action scenes and twists-and-turns that would inspire adventure in even the most cowardly soul.

Favorite thing: Strong, female lead who still has feelings… THANK YOU!

Daughter 4254 by LeighStatham

Oh my goodness, is this story under appreciated! Sure, you may argue that it has a million reads, but I think this one ought to have a million more! This book drew me in at just the title.

Why 4254? Whose daughter is she? I wonder what is so dark about her?

And similar questions. This story expounds a corrupt government designed to playfully twist around the restrictions of the real world as the ideas of memory deletion and entire control of the body’s governance are explored and manipulated. The characters are truly pushed to their limits over-and-over, keeping the reader on the edge of his or her seat. The fact that Daughter 4254 must decide between family and friend itself makes for some heart-pounding scenes, and I certainly would purchase this book as a hard-copy if I could!

Favorite thing: A dark, chilling story that keeps me continually hooked

5:48 by CityScape


This is the second novel that I read that made me want to write this post. Originally suggested to me by a friend in school, I will be honest that I didn’t think this story could break me. It’s pretty difficult to make me cry, yet this book managed to do it several times over. Within the first few pages, you fall in love with all the characters and instantly form a kind of love-hate relationship with them as they unravel their challenges poetically. 5:48 snags its readers attention from the start with beautiful imagery and savory descriptions and keeps them enticed throughout the story’s progression as each character becomes more and more distinguishable from the last. I can go on and on about this story for days, trust me.

Favorite thing: Incredible representation of mental handicaps and poetic diction

I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel enticed to read some of them! I’m planning on posting another one of these in the next few months but if you enjoyed, let me know with a comment!

-TGI (AKA Julia)




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