15 Things To Do Before High School Ends

Ace a test you studied forever for

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as knowing you really earned the grade you got. Taking amazing notes and drawing Venn diagrams and creating flowcharts all accounts to something in the end as you realize just how great it is to get an A on that test. Plus, seeing your parents get excited about your great grade makes it all worth it!

Fail a test you studied forever for

This is another big one too, and its a big and painful lesson to learn. Sometimes, just no matter how long you study, you didn’t use the right method or you picked the wrong material to study and it’s alright! It wasn’t your proudest moment from high school, but it will sit with you for long enough that you can take a lesson away from the whole experience.

Stay after class talking to a teacher about a subject that interests you

Sometimes, if you have a couple of minutes after school or a light homework load after school one day, stop by a teacher’s classroom to chat about something you’ve always wanted to know more about. You never know when that new knowledge will come in handy!

Go to a school dance with someone

The anxiety to get up to someone’s face and ask them is horrendous, but regretting it for the few weeks/months after when you see how much fun your friends had is even worse! Even if you don’t have a guy/girl you want to ask to the dance, bringing a group of your best friends, getting ready together, and taking silly photos is well worth it!

Go on a road trip with friends, even if it’s a short one

If your family is ever planning a road trip and you have a friend who your parents don’t mind bringing along, go for it! In Texas, lots of people road trip within the state because there are just so many things to see, but it’s a fun idea no matter where you are! The memories you’ll make singing in the car or trying a sketchy restaurant are unforgettable.

Join a club

I should have put this one first because it’s the biggest one for me. Even if you join as an upperclassmen, you still open up your playing field for friendships and scholarships at the same time. I decided that I wanted to study business through DECA, a business and marketing club where you get to create business ideas and pitch them to judges. It seems like an unlikely place to make friends, but so far I’ve met well over half my friends through it!

Travel somewhere by plane without your parents

This one is pretty expensive and not always the easiest to plan, but sometimes if you are in a school group they will pay for a good portion of it. Traveling is a great experience to have, and if you end up going far away for college, having that familiarity of an airport and being able to get around and troubleshoot yourself can be really REALLY useful.

Get involved in a community service project

Community service is more than something to add to your resume for schools. It leaves you with a feel-good spot in your heart that just makes you want to keep making others happy. Sure, it takes up time from your schedule, but if you can get a friend on board then its all the merrier.

Become the leader of something

Start a book club and read together after school once a week. Run for an officer position in a club. Try to become captain of your sport, but don’t let it hurt you if you don’t make it! Finding somewhere that you’re naturally a leader is a wonderful experience to have because it opens your horizon and gives you a better idea as to how to manage others, leaving you more ambitious and goal/people driven afterwards.

Get in on a senior prank

Senior pranks (when kept docile and done right) are one of the most memorable events of your last year in high school! Lots of high schools have a Facebook page or a website for seniors to get together and coordinate a fun senior prank, and Pinterest is loaded with lots of ideas. Even if your school doesn’t typically do them, get together a group of friends and make it fun!

Apply to a college

College is expensive, intimidating, but just as rewarding as it is the first two adjectives. There are tons of resources available online to help you find some great schools to apply to and websites like CommonApp can save precious time when it comes to finding an ideal school.

Write something that you’re really proud of

Whether it’s an essay, a moving speech, or a stellar college essay, there are more than enough opportunities to create and write something phenomenal to go back to and look at later on to remember your high school years. I even have a few pieces I wrote in sophomore and junior year that I look back at and received positive feedback on when I’m feeling down as a sort of confidence booster.

Make a scrapbook of photos from each year of high school

Although a lot of people turn to Facebook to make year-long galleries nowadays, I love having printed pictures from fun memories.

Do something with your family that you’ll always remember

It might seem like every senior will tell you the same thing, but it is true. High school only feels like forever until it becomes time to leave it! This means that your precious family time, no matter how much you can’t stand them, will fly by too. Even encouraging your family to go on that road trip they’ve been dying to experience together in the summer before you leave can be worthwhile.

Sleepover at your friend’s house and stay up all night instead

There’s almost no better way to make memorable stories. I have at least five stories for each finger on my hand for funny rounds of Cards Against Humanity or that 50-round Mario Party game I played with four other friends. These experiences lose a lot of their charm in college.

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