I Was Rejected from a Safety School…

It wasn’t the end of the world. You heard me right.

College applications are one of the scariest things in high school. Trying out for the varsity team and asking someone out to Formal are like kittens in the lion’s cage of life during high school, but getting an email or letter in the post determining your future for you is on a whole new level of anxiety.

However, opening the letter from my safety school to find that I had been moved out of Early Decision into Regular was exhausting. In a sense, I felt as if though I’d failed myself immensely, although there were things I had to remind myself of.

A) I wasn’t exactly rejected. My chances statistically of gaining acceptance just dropped from 88% to 23% as their website had indicated.

B) College admittances are full of really, really unexpected surprises.

I didn’t say anything about the disappointment to my parents for a good day or two out of fear of admonishment (which never onslaught me), but in those two days I gave myself time to think, recognize, and accept something that was entirely out of my control. It can be very tempting to wonder where you went wrong in your application…

-Was my interview not interesting enough?

-Did my essays not suffice?

-Were my test scores really that bad?

When these questions come to mind, it only seems logical our minds will rebel from simply taking “no” for an answer. Some of us are better at it than others, and I know that personally it’s been a difficult challenge to accept considering how stubborn (or more nicely put: perseverant) I am. The reality is that we don’t always get what we want, and we take something such as not getting into our safety school very personally, either hunting for flaws in ourselves or in others.

However, my pessimism broke through two weeks later when something immensely exciting happened: I was accepted to my first-choice college. A school that I’d braced myself thinking that I’d never get into since sophomore year, and there it was: my acceptance letter flashing bright on my computer screen. I have yet to hear whether I’ve been admitted to their Business Honors program, although I’ve become more positive and hopeful within reason since hearing of my major acceptance, tying the knot on my final acceptance letter meaning that I’d gotten into all three of my top choices. It was an exhilarating and unforgettable feeling to realize that it didn’t matter whether I’d been turned down from a great deal of other schools. The ones that I wanted seemed to desire me back, and in an odd way it felt like young love and a realization of prospect ahead.

I suppose my moral is that you can’t let numbers determine who you are. An biography will never convey your personality like a chat by the fireplace will and a downcast look from a stranger will never actually change who you are as an individual. It’s refreshing to feel a moral memory be made rather than be told by a parent that “everything will work out in the end”. I really feel as if everything will be alright (not to quote Ariana Grande or anything, though).

-TGI (AKA Julia) ❤

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