What Do Stellar Youtube Channels Need?

YouTube is so popular nowadays that it comes as little to no surprise that it’s captured the imagination of millions of young entrepreneurs. YouTube is the perfect platform a teen entrepreneur could ask for in growing his/her brand: famous names, easy recognition, and a fun community that is highly engaged once it’s captured. Many teens dream of becoming “famous Youtubers” off of their content, and believe me, I get it: I’m one of them!

So while you might be expecting this next paragraph to be some dream-crushing statement with how your chances of becoming a big online star are as slim as that of becoming an NFL player, I will warmly say that ISN’T my goal. Instead, I wanted to share some knowledge that’s helped me and other channels grow HUGELY online so you can fulfill your dreams.

1. Personal Brand/Identity

This seems like a given, but a lot of the time, creators dive into making videos without thinking of a theme. Warren Buffett (yes, that very rich investor worth $74.6B) might not seem like the person to go to with Youtube channel advice, but here’s a trick he uses in picking where his money goes: Buffett insists that he will only invest in a business if they can explain what they do easily. Seems like simple advice, but if people are confused about what kind of videos you make, your probability of succeeding decreases drastically. Take some time and figure out who you really are. That way, you can create a logo and image that people can easily explain to their friends when they share your stellar content.

2. Channel Description

Next, it’s about putting that idea into words. Sure, you’re going to do this in your videos, but how on earth will a search engine find you? Choose keywords and repeat them FREQUENTLY when writing your channel description so Google knows what it’s looking for.

3. Profile Icon

Create a logo that really defines you. The tricky thing with Youtube and logos is that they have to be adaptable enough to fit into a circle or square with no hassle. However, Photoshop and tons of online resources are going to be your best friend on this one. Find something simple, not too detailed or vague (unless you’ve got a beautiful, minimalistic meaning to it). While mine doesn’t really *define* my brand, I like to believe it’s intriguing to the eye and pretty preppy/cute.

ThereGoesInfinity Logo 2017.jpg

Since my channel/blog are called “ThereGoesInfinity”, I decided to go small and soft on the eyes with my text, and shaped the flowers in the back into a “lemniscate” (a fancy, nerd word for “the infinity symbol”)

While I will be honest that I kind of imagined my brand name on the spot, I have grown attached to it and my channel is meant to bring teens to feel like they have infinite choices in their futures.

4. Consistent Thumbnails

Having cool thumbnails is one thing, but think of this. When you visit a popular gaming channel, they usually have noisy, obnoxious visuals on their thumbnails. No, this isn’t just because gamers like to rage more than the rest of us: they are doing another important thing to building their channel. Why do you think so many people click on every gaming video with a noisy thumbnail like that? BECAUSE IT STANDS OUT! Here’s a great video from the one-and-only Vsauce if you want to learn more

5. Cards and Annotations

I’m not great at using this one personally, but I’m working on it! Cards are pop ups during your video that prompt people to click on other links or hover to other websites. If you’re using Youtube to sell a product as a teenpreneur, THIS trick will really help. If you partner with other brands (or want them to do the same for you), use a card or an annotation over your video so that when someone is viewing it, they can hover right on the product you’re showing, click on it, AND GO TO THE WEBSITE TO BUY IT. Seriously, that’s some Star Trek level stuff right there.

6. Feature Yourself!

This seems redundant, and you’re likely past this stage if you’re really passionate about starting up on Youtube, but share yourself with the world! Make your social media platforms pretty consistent, and try not to confuse your followers with too many names to remember if you can. For example, all of my accounts can be found under ThereGoesInfinity or TGIYoutube. Simple, right!

7. Trailer Video

Another area I’m admittedly lacking in is the trailer video. Trailer videos can supposedly boost your visibility by 5X. Have you ever sat in a movie theatre and watched previews for films you didn’t even know were coming out? I sure have! Just like a movie, you have to promote yourself with something that catches the essence of your channel, and be sure to keep this short and sweet! If you already have some content up, don’t strain yourself and waste your time making new content: go with the flow and include clips from your other videos showing off what you do and voice over.

In case you didn’t know, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might still have! Comment below or email me at theregoesinfinity@gmail.com and I’ll get to you ASAP

Thank you, Lovelies!



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