I figure if I want to express myself, I’ll do it through the best medium I’ve got: Instagram (you can find me as JuliaWezio, by the way)

11931058_1673294266220403_966764527_nHey, this is me! I’m Julia, and I’m currently a high-school student. I love writing (a little obvious), technology, trends, and business, and my goals for the future include starting my own business, improving my personal brand, and continuing my YouTube channel as I near college (yikes!). Some of my interests also include fashion and art, and I hope to share bits and pieces of my fashion styles that I like since they are admittedly pretty spontaneous and adventurous as I hope to be.



1209458_896948490325851_8393494_n Also, it would only be right for me to share the person in this world that I talk the most about (besides the entire cast of Star Wars), my brother, Alex! Alex has a pretty amazing story to tell himself, as he was struck by lightning in the summer of 2014, making for the most emotional and difficult year of my life and his. He’s inspired me to become who I am today in working hard to achieve results and in never losing faith and perseverance. I volunteer at the hospital he stayed at frequently now, and I want to become a sort of advocate for those who face rare conditions. If you’re interested in learning more about his incredible road to recovery, please check out this link to his Facebook page, Pray For Alex. I can guarantee he’ll inspire you too.

10956471_423910631118488_897393960_n   11909202_561156067368787_837005404_n   12362314_437553926448421_1543843508_n     12093742_905714042810875_485478922_n

However, I want to use this blog to share funny anecdotes from my crazy life and simply to share the advice I’ve got (especially with cosmetics and more). I hope that you

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