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What Do Stellar Youtube Channels Need?

YouTube is so popular nowadays that it comes as little to no surprise that it’s captured the imagination of millions of young entrepreneurs. YouTube is the perfect platform a teen entrepreneur could ask for in growing his/her brand: famous names, easy recognition, and a fun community that is highly engaged once it’s captured. Many teens dream of becoming “famous Youtubers” off of their content, and believe me, I get it: I’m one of them!

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7 Rompers For Summer

I was browsing Shop Priceless the other day and came across these adorable rompers for any style for the summer! I’m not endorsed by them in any way, but I found them while crawling Pinterest and just thought they had the cutest things for really great prices! Plus, if you spend over $50 on US orders, you don’t pay shipping (that the policy at the time that I’m writing this), so I might give a few of these a shot!

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My Phone: Part 1

Now that school is out (SUMMER!), I’ve had several friends ask me about what apps I use on my phone, and the bluntest answer I can give would be “not that many”. But I mean, who would want an answer like that?
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