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My Last DECA Banquet!

Wow! It’s hard to believe how quickly time has flied these past 4 years. I mean it when I say that it feels like it’s only been maybe a year at most since I joined DECA, but at the same time it’s become something that I identify with myself. Whenever someone says anything about DECA, it becomes my first instinct to jump in!

To say the least, I’ve shed a lot of very, happy tears over this organization. The people that I’ve met during my time as a DECA member are among my group of lifelong connections, and I am mesmerized by the opportunities I’ve discovered during my membership. However, what I wanted to do today was share our chapter’s banquet.

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Great Books in My Wattpad Library

Good morning, Lovelies! Today, I’ve been dying to share some great reads that I have loved on Wattpad since making an account two years ago. (I have another book post coming up with Sara Patrizia at Sara’s Chapters in the next few weeks though so get ready for that!) I am always astounded by the kind of talent and humor you can find on the website and I just adore walking into Barnes and Noble to see that some of the authors discovered on Wattpad have published their books for the world to read. Goals man, goals.

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9 Things to Do Before 9 AM

Good morning (or afternoon I should say), Lovelies!

A while back in my Smashbook journal I wrote myself a little list of nine things that I should try to complete before 9AM daily, and thankfully I’ve won myself quite a bit of time this summer by following through on a good deal of it. Firstly, let me share some serious benefits that I’ve noticed which yes, I will write in a “little list” as well… (and get this, each of the 9 items has a list OF ITS OWN) I’m informally dedicating this post to all of my fellow list-lovers out there…

-Productivity: These 9 things are proven effective in boosting productivity by the results of many top executives and CEOs who try to incorporate these same steps into their daily lives. There is a sense of “oh yeah, empowerment” that I definitely feel when I’ve taken care of something in the morning that makes me want to continue being productive for the rest of the day.

-Comfort: Rather than stress about not getting enough exercise or being disconnected from your inner being, doing something before 9AM that is productive will give you a sense of alleviation that will continue with you for the rest of the day.

-Confidence: Getting things done leaves a feeling of success circulating through your bloodstream that will keep a momentum and positive attitude flowing  in your veins all day.

So if you aren’t convinced yet, I don’t know what to tell you!

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Nashville: Picture Addict Edition

So of course, the exhaustion of AP testing week has already led my brain into vacation-mode (all too dangerously, I must admit), but needless to say I came up with an idea of how to creatively share my adventures from Nashville (well, that is before I share my day-by-day trip itinerary). Why not bring you all along by taking you through my phone pictures from the trip! On to Nashville it is, then!

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Reminder: If it’s too fast, feel free to pause in between slides. Don’t want you to miss anything!

Either way, even though Jordan and I didn’t make it to the finalist round in SBEF, we still had an unforgettable experience and got our gold re-certification which we can’t wait to add to our plaque. Nashville has been on my list of cities I’ve wanted to visit for a while, and be sure to look out for my day-by-day posts (hopefully soon) for more fun stories such as the Mayfield Flea Market. That was an adventure in itself!

Lots of love, darlings!

-TGI ❤

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A Day of Disappointment

There are few things in the world that make me as excited as I am when the postman arrives.

I was sitting in my living room with my brother and grandmother, wearing a bushy blanket atop a gigantic hoodie and leggings that were so battered I could sell them at Urban Outfitters with the label “heirloom” when the doorbell rang. As expected, a gargantuan box encasing my mirror rested along the outside wall with a disproportionately smaller one which held my dad’s new phone case. I was definitely nervous about hauling the larger of the two into the house, but I managed nonetheless.

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Midterms Survival Guide

Hello, darlings!

So it’s been a bit since I’ve posted (I forgot about my Tumblr and this was originally published on my Tumblr page), but I just wanted to talk to you guys since it feels as if though it’s been ages!

P.S.—> my Tumblr is

I finished midterms (thankfully) just before the winter break, although I know such is sadly not the case for many. Trying to remember everything you learned before a good two or three-week break (even four weeks if you’re a college student) is almost as aggravating as having it crunched into the most hell-ridden week of your year! However, I’ve got some tips since I was pretty satisfied with my midterm grades this year, and I felt well-prepared for them which is a feeling I rarely have due to my times of anxiety.

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Last (full) Day of School

Hello! Well, to start this blog off, I figure I’d share what’s going on in my life, which at the moment has been entailing of quite a few things that are both good and bad.

I don’t know how you like to take your news, but I tend to prefer for people to share with me the bad before they present before me the new, which I think is a fair enough statement. Now, let’s proceed.

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