Adventures to Take This Summer

With finals nearing and the days growing longer, high school and college students everywhere are looking for opportunities to go off the beaten path and take an adventure. Traveling, especially in early June, is both difficult and pricey for the individual, but with a throw blanket, a camera, and a good friend, there is a…

Nashville: Picture Addict Edition

So of course, the exhaustion of AP testing week has already led my brain into vacation-mode (all too dangerously, I must admit), but needless to say I came up with an idea of how to creatively share my adventures from Nashville (well, that is before I share my day-by-day trip itinerary). Why not bring you…

The Official Houston Video!

My Houston video has finally arrived! Be sure to watch it in 1080p50 !!! Some of the shots in the museum look incredible in it!

Traveling in a Wheelchair: Houston

Traveling in a wheelchair is always a challenge. My family hasn’t vacationed in the two years before this trip (since my brother’s injury), so the world of traveling handicapped is an astoundingly new one to us. Either way, this is generally how things went down.

Big DECA Announcement

I’m in a bit of a jiffy today (we had a shortened school week that meant I have been on my toes quite a bit), but I wanted to share with you my latest video in case you haven’t watched it yet!