My Fall 2016 Trend Predictions

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Great Books in My Wattpad Library

Good morning, Lovelies! Today, I’ve been dying to share some great reads that I have loved on Wattpad since making an account two years ago. (I have another book post coming up with Sara Patrizia at Sara’s Chapters in the next few weeks though so get ready for that!) I am always astounded by the kind of talent and humor you can find on the website and I just adore walking into Barnes and Noble to see that some of the authors discovered on Wattpad have published their books for the world to read. Goals man, goals.

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9 Things to Do Before 9 AM

Good morning (or afternoon I should say), Lovelies!

A while back in my Smashbook journal I wrote myself a little list of nine things that I should try to complete before 9AM daily, and thankfully I’ve won myself quite a bit of time this summer by following through on a good deal of it. Firstly, let me share some serious benefits that I’ve noticed which yes, I will write in a “little list” as well… (and get this, each of the 9 items has a list OF ITS OWN) I’m informally dedicating this post to all of my fellow list-lovers out there…

-Productivity: These 9 things are proven effective in boosting productivity by the results of many top executives and CEOs who try to incorporate these same steps into their daily lives. There is a sense of “oh yeah, empowerment” that I definitely feel when I’ve taken care of something in the morning that makes me want to continue being productive for the rest of the day.

-Comfort: Rather than stress about not getting enough exercise or being disconnected from your inner being, doing something before 9AM that is productive will give you a sense of alleviation that will continue with you for the rest of the day.

-Confidence: Getting things done leaves a feeling of success circulating through your bloodstream that will keep a momentum and positive attitude flowing  in your veins all day.

So if you aren’t convinced yet, I don’t know what to tell you!

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The College Journey: Intro

Applying to college really is a journey.

You fight your demons, lasso your hardships, stand in the penetrating sunlight of your victories and stoop to your knees in your lowest trenches, but yet you fight no one. You only conquer.

(And yes, I am most certainly the woman in that tacky Shutterstock photo above)

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7 Rompers For Summer

I was browsing Shop Priceless the other day and came across these adorable rompers for any style for the summer! I’m not endorsed by them in any way, but I found them while crawling Pinterest and just thought they had the cutest things for really great prices! Plus, if you spend over $50 on US orders, you don’t pay shipping (that the policy at the time that I’m writing this), so I might give a few of these a shot!

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Adventures to Take This Summer

With finals nearing and the days growing longer, high school and college students everywhere are looking for opportunities to go off the beaten path and take an adventure. Traveling, especially in early June, is both difficult and pricey for the individual, but with a throw blanket, a camera, and a good friend, there is a ton to do as you warm up to the summer sun.

On the Lake

If you’re fortunate enough to live close to a body of water, you’re in luck! Being an Austinite, there’s a million things to do on the water from kayaking to paddle-boarding (my favorite), but a Google search will reveal tons of options. Most public lakes will have some kind of rental area nearby with lessons, so if you’ve never tried a water sport before, it’s never too late to try!

In the Home

Have that renovation project or Pinterest idea that you’ve just been itching to try? If there’s something that you have wanted to try for ages but never had the time or resources to get it done. Taking on a DIY project with a friend is a fun and productive way to pass time, and if you’re looking for any, checking out my Pinterest Picks board at

However, if you’re not up to anything like that, you can also have a BBQ with friends, go for a walk around your neighborhood (I do this often and it’s so relaxing), or plant something new in your garden! There’s tons of fun stuff to do even when you don’t have the time to go out and explore.

In the City

Most people live relatively close to a metro area, so if you can take a day or two, have some fun and walk around downtown! Most cities have tons of boutiques, shops, restaurants, and museums, so if you stop by a visitor’s center you can find some great places to check out. If you’re watching your wallet, ask if there are any free museums or simply stroll around! Most shops are fun to even browse around, and if you go with a friend it can become a contest for who can find the weirdest things. Trust me, I’ve done it before!

Also, most cities are bustling with festivals throughout the summer, so you can see artisans selling merchandise and possibly spruce up the house with some new finds! Either way, it’s a great way to see something different and if you’re an Insta-nerd (or whatever you call ’em), there are so many photo-ops!

If you’ve never been to a drive-in movie, it’s definitely worth the experience! I’ve been to several and they were a blast! Again, a simple Google search should pull up the nearest location, but be warned: they are a little sparse, so do your research before you head out.

In the Country

If you live in Texas, you’re probably aware of the small towns scattered throughout the state. Fredericksburg, Wimberley, and Denton are some of the first ones off the top of my head, but taking a drive out to a historic town can be a fun and educational way to pass time. There are tons of family-owned restaurants with some amazing food, so by skipping those small towns you’re missing out on a lot of the action!

No matter what you choose to do this summer, I hope that you lovelies get the inspiration to push through the end of the school year strong so that you can have a fun, relaxed, and long break until next fall!

In the meantime, keep an eye out for my upcoming mega-vlog from Nashville that will be up in the next few days if my computer cooperates!

See you guys soon,